Learn a little more about the veterinarians and staff at VCA SFVS in our staff spotlight series!

Name: Naomi Mansfield

Your position and department: Service coordinator for the surgery department

When did you join VCA SFVS? January 2007

Favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job is getting to cuddle with adorable dogs and cats all day, and getting to decorate their casts.

naomi with a guide dogs puppy who came in for an orthopedic exam

naomi with a guide dogs puppy who came in for an orthopedic exam

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I grew up in Arizona. We always had a lot of animals growing up. When I was very young we had a farm, and when we gave up our farm we still had 11 animals around the house — dogs, chinchillas, birds, a rabbit, a hamster and a ferret. I have always loved animals more than anything and knew from a very young age that I wanted to work with them.

Aside from my passion for animals, I love to draw. I spend most of my free time using the program MS Paint to create what I call Bitcats, in which I draw the beloved pets of my friends interacting in whimsical environments. They can be seen at http://www.bitcats.tumblr.com/

What does your work day entail? Most of my job revolves around preparing people for what to expect before, during and after a pet’s surgery. I create all of the instructions for at-home care and act as the go-to person for any questions that pet parents have during the process.

The patient you’ll never forget? Mojo, a very sweet boxer who comes in to see us

Favorite patient success story? There is a dog name Maya that was going to have to have an amputation due to a very large wound on her leg. Dr. Phil Watt was amazingly able to repair the wound with a skin graft, and after extensive bandaging to protect the wound, it completely healed and she did not have to have an amputation!

Your work-related super power? Bandage art. I love creating little cartoons on the casts of dogs and cats who have surgery.


naomi created this cast for a kitty named alice! (“oh my ears and whiskers …”)


more "naomi originals," shared by dr. hammer

more “naomi originals,” shared by dr. hammer

Any animal companions of your own? I have an 8-year-old grey cat named Banjo that I’ve had since he was a kitten. He is very sassy and always wears a little bandana around his neck.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? Drawing and spending time with my wonderful friends. I also volunteer with the penguins at the Academy of Sciences.

What are you currently reading? The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

What’s in your music rotation right now? I really love old Jamaican ska and rocksteady.

Favorite TV show? Once Upon A Time

Learn a little more about the veterinarians and staff at VCA SFVS in our staff spotlight series! This week we feature emergency veterinarian Elyse Hammer, DVM

Name: Elyse Hammer, DVM

Position: Staff doctor on the emergency service as well as intern program director

dr. hammer with dave, one of the er tech's cats

dr. hammer with dave, one of the er tech’s cats

When did you join VCA SFVS? I joined VCA SFVS first as an intern in 2011 and developed such a love for emergency medicine that I stayed on as a staff doctor immediately following my internship here. 

Favorite part of your job? Coming in every day with absolutely no idea what will come my way. I love the spontaneity of emergency medicine, having to think quickly and adapt to anything the day may bring. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am originally from Meadow Vista, a small Sierra foothills town in Northern California. I am one of those cliches – I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian from the earliest moment I can remember. I started working as a technician at a local GP practice at 16. From there I moved to Davis and spent eight years there for both my undergraduate and veterinary education. I originally planned to pursue a residency in internal medicine until I fell in love with all things ER and never looked back.

Favorite patient success story? One of my favorite patient success stories is Phyllo. Phyllo is a super-sweet domestic shorthair who was found by a friend after his owner suddenly passed away.

The Super-Sweet Phyllo

dr. hammer with the super-sweet phyllo

He was brought to us and treated for dehydration and mild kidney dysfunction after being without food and water for several days. During his stay with us, we incidentally found a bladder stone. As Phyllo didn’t currently have a family, we decided to cover his care, and one of our interns, with the help of staff doctors, performed a cystotomy surgery to remove his bladder stone. Phyllo made a full recovery and was adopted out to a new, loving forever home. 

What do you enjoy doing outside work? My favorite (and most therapeutic) thing to do is run run run as much as possible. I love traveling with my husband, Brett. We particularly love to explore California wine country and the Pacific Northwest in search of the best wines we can find. And of course I love spending time with my crazy rescue jungle cat Nube, who makes me laugh absolutely every day. 

The One and Only NUBE :)

the one and only NUBE :)

dr. hammer with one of her best friend's dogs

dr. hammer with one of her best friend’s dogs

Patient Story: Oscar

For #Caturday, we have a very special patient story featuring Oscar the Cat! Late last year, this fearless 17 year old escaped from his home and was gone for nearly two weeks. Thankfully, Oscar eventually returned, and his human companion, Billy, brought him to our hospital. Under the care of Drs. Emily Wong and Erika Beck, Oscar received fluids, a blood transfusion and antibiotics.

oscar and billy

oscar and billy

Here, Billy shares a little more about Oscar:

I adopted Oscar as a rescue kitty. Despite his size, he is a type A kitty. Any other kitty I had at the same time always was/is aware where Oscar is. In addition to being a tough old man, he is fearless. I have seen him challenge dogs. My brother had a 110-pound dog. Oscar was on the back steps looking down at Frosty, who was jumping up and down, growling, etc. Oscar started moving back and forth, getting ready to pounce and scratch the nose. I yanked him away, reminding him that he was 16 and if he missed, well …

At age 17, Oscar escaped back in November/December at the height of the rains. After 13 days, I opened the back door and there he was – a huddled black ball. Somehow he managed to make it back home. Probably to die.

I brought him to VCA SFVS and the doctors saved him. A beautiful thing because he did not have much more time. Thank you, VCA SFVS. Oscar has bounced back and is his old self. He is ready for another 17 years!!!

Many thanks to Billy and Oscar for sharing this story and photo. Drs. Wong and Beck and all of us here wish Oscar all the best. We are so happy he is home and back to his old self again!

Today on the blog, we’re excited to feature … Charley! We met this sweet Chihuahua mix under some scary circumstances: He had just been hit by a car. Charley made fast friends with a few of our veterinarians. Dr. Allegra Roth was his receiving emergency services doctor, Dr. Laura West managed his case when he was transferred to internal medicine for further observation, and Dr. Margo Mehl removed a tooth that was damaged during the accident.

The wonderful news is that Charley was a very lucky little dog and was able to return home after three days. Below, his human companion Rachel shares a little more about Charley and his story. Many thanks to Charley and Rachel – we were so honored to be on this Miracle Mutt’s veterinary care team!

From Rachel:

I arrived at Peninsula Humane Society in early October 2011 very excited: I was finally about to adopt a dog of my own. My family loves dogs, always maintaining a pack of 2 or 3 while I was growing up. I had been living in San Francisco for a few years and was finally in the ideal situation for a small rescue dog. I strolled around the shelter looking at lots of wonderful dogs of all sizes, but there was one in particular that caught my eye: a small, tan Chihuahua mix puppy who looked to me like a little fox.

like a little fox!

like a little fox!

It took all of five seconds to decide he was “The One.” I loved his beautiful auburn coat, pretty doe eyes and one of the cutest little noses I’ve ever seen. I especially was struck by his little feet and tail that look as though they were tip dipped in white paint. It was love at first sight for Charley and me, like something out of a movie. He put his cute little nose on the glass up to my hand. I knew we were friends for life.

charley and rachel

charley and rachel

Charley the dog, affectionately known as “Cheese,” is a friend to all. His favorite activities include fetching socks, catching/eating flies, and running with his Sunny Day Dog Walks pack at McLaren Park. He is the ultimate snuggle buddy. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he will greet you by dancing on his back two legs, high-fiving you with both paws. Most of all, he is a sweet little guy with a big heart and a curious spirit.

Last October, that curious spirit got the better of him. He chased a bird from the grass in Dolores Park on to 20th Street and got hit by a car. As a dog mom, that was my worst nightmare come true. Luckily the driver of the car was able to rush us to VCA. I cannot say enough about the excellent care we received from the team at VCA. Everyone was so kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic. They were extremely patient with all of my questions.

I feel so fortunate that they were there for Charley and me. It’s truly a miracle that he was home within three days and back running with the pack within a month, considering the severity of his injuries.

back in action!

back in action!

Over the years my family and I have given Charley several nicknames: Charlie Tuna, Carlitos, Cheesey, El Queso … but the one that’s going to stick for years to come is Miracle Mutt. And thanks to the stellar veterinarians and staff at VCA, he is just that.

curious charley stays updated on current events

curious charley stays updated on current events

Would you like your dog or cat to be featured in our Patient Stories series? Please email us for information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learn a little more about the veterinarians and staff at VCA SFVS in our staff spotlight series! This week we feature Emily Young, VMD, a member of our current intern class. 

Name: Emily Young, VMD

Your position: Rotating intern

When did you join VCA SFVS? June 2014

Favorite part of your job? My favourite part of being a veterinarian is working with my animal patients and the humans who love them! I am awed every day by the wonderful relationships we establish with our pets and am grateful that I can help keep the four-legged partners in this relationship happy and healthy. My favourite part of working here at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists being able to work amongst so many incredibly knowledgeable and talented clinicians, RVTs and assistants and seeing how their dedicated teamwork benefits each of the cases seen at the hospital.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was born in New York but grew up in Europe, primarily in England, until I started college. I attended Tufts University in Boston for my undergraduate degree and fell in love with that snowy city! I moved to Philadelphia for vet school at the University of Pennsylvania and then came out to California, which has proved to be just an absolutely amazing area of the country. Since moving here I have loved exploring the city (and particularly the food!) of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

What does your workday entail? As an intern my schedule varies depending on which service I am working at the time. However, most days start with rounds at 8am, where the case of each patient in the hospital is presented, discussed and transferred to the appropriate service. From there, we move on to examining each patient and coming up with a treatment plan for the day. The day ends after evening rounds at 6pm once all diagnostics have been performed and appointments concluded.

Your work-related super power? I truly believe in the power of a smile, particularly when something is not going as well as you would like!

Any animal companions of your own? My boyfriend and I recently said goodbye to our very handsome Saint Bernard, Walter. We miss The Big Guy very much but are looking forward to bringing a new pup into our home in the coming months!

dr. young and walter out on a walk near crystal springs reservoir

dr. young and walter out on a walk near crystal springs reservoir

What do you enjoy doing outside work? When I’m not at work I love to spend time exploring the food of San Francisco, hiking and doing ANYTHING at the beach!

Favorite pet-related activity in the Bay Area? Walking any and everywhere! A great spot is the Crystal Springs Reservoir down by San Mateo.

What are you currently reading? I usually have two books going at any one time…a more serious or historical one (currently: Lenin’s Tomb by David Remnick) and a lighter read (currently: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot).

Favorite TV show? My favourite TV show of all time has to be Friends. But more recently I have enjoyed watching Parenthood, The Walking Dead, Homeland and Downton Abbey.

Dr. Laura West Joins VCA SFVS

We’re happy to announce that Dr. Laura West has joined our hospital on a full-time basis! An internal medicine specialist, Dr. West received her DVM from the University of Georgia and completed her residency training at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego.


She sees internal medicine patients at SFVS on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Welcome, Dr. West!

More About Laura West, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Laura West received her DVM from the University of Georgia in 2007. She went on to complete a rotating internship at VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Norwalk, Connecticut, and a specialty internship in internal medicine at Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles.

Dr. West completed her residency training at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego in 2012, and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2013. Her special interests include feline medicine, immune-mediated disease and endocrinology.

Outside her veterinary practice, she greatly values spending time with her husband and their two cats, Kitten and Gypsy. She also enjoys yoga, running and hiking in the great outdoors.

Patient Story: Busby

Today’s patient story features … Busby! A patient of internal medicine specialist Dr. Craig Maretzki and cardiologist Dr. Justin Williams, Busby was diagnosed in 2014 with congestive heart disease, which is being managed by his human mom, Jaye, and his veterinarians.

Busby age 3

It is our honor to be on Busby the Wonder Dog’s care team! Many thanks to Jaye for putting together this sweet piece on Busby.

From Jaye:

What did YOUR mom always say: MAKE YOUR BED! And how about a dog who does just that!! Every day, Busby Berkeley goes into the bathroom and re-shapes a rug into a comfortable bed or finds a towel and curls right up into it, and makes himself a cozy, little sleeper:

Busby 2

Busby Berkeley, the Wonder Dog, who also trained as a Therapy dog, as well as a Service dog, at Marin Humane Society.

And who is Busby, anyway? 22 pounds of love and sweetness, a 14-year-old Havanese from The Netherlands, who came at 8 weeks, 3 days old to the USA to spend his life with me, his mom, Jaye, where he gives his smiles to everyone.

busby at 10-12 weeks!

busby at 10-12 weeks!

AKA The Big Baby Busby, he is champagne with a bit of black in his beard and the tips of his ears, and a bit reddish, with great very-human brown eyes, and a big brain in his little head.

And he knows how to get his way!

Busby came to VCA SFVS, in 2013, with a heart murmur. He was later again referred by his veterinarian and friend, Dr. A.J. Kallet of VCA Madera Pet Hospital in Corte Madera, in 2014, with a diagnosis of congestive heart disease. So sick and thin he was, with weight loss, a persistent cough, terribly ill, and it seemed hardly a chance to survive.

Busby was in the hospital for four days, until it was determined he was ready to go home, where his mom would manage his disease with his veterinarians.

jaye and busby

jaye and busby

Now under the incredible care of Dr. Craig Maretzki, internist, and Dr. Justin Williams, cardiologist, technicians and the support staff, Busby is a renewed boy, thriving, running (okay, only a little bit), and definitely eating. He wants attention, can still show a stubborn streak (where is MY food) and how about a big kiss for me. Then there is Busby’s pal Robin, technician, who carries Busby on her chest so he can rest his head on her shoulder, as he gets well.

Busby age 7

The Big Baby Busby, happy again.

Would you like your dog or cat to be featured in our Patient Stories series? Please email us for information. We look forward to hearing from you.


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